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The Training division of Satyam Management Consultants offers Soft-Skills and Need Based Sales Training that will help a client hiring Training services to cope with the demands of today's competitive environment. We have extensive experience in designing and developing cutting edge training programs. With a broad network of associates we respond quickly to client requirements. Our solutions are relevant, customized, and result oriented. We deliver services based on client needs including:

  • Leadership development
  • Front line supervisory skills
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal skills
  • General business skills
  • Managing Change and Diversity
  • Stress & Time Management

Effective Employee Training means increased productivity; increased productivity means more effective organization. Satyam Management Consultants through its Training services assures its clients of a good work environment of business-trained professionals who are self-motivated and good team players who work for the interest of the organization. Invest in Training your Company's employees through Satyam Management Consultants professional Training Programs and prepare an efficient set of work-force for greater responsibilities.

Satyam Management Consultants Need Based Training Programs provides your employees with a variety of learning options, all focused on improving performance in the workplace. Our Trainers bring the latest business techniques and principles into the classroom and On the Field in an engaging, interactive setting that will motivate your employees to learn and advance on the job.

We deliver instruction on site at your facility or at our campus, or on the Field on a flexible schedule. Satyam Management Consultants can customize the course content to meet your company-specific needs. And, every employee is awarded a certificate upon completion of our Need Based Training courses. Customer Service

  • Leadership - Rules of Engagement
  • High Performance Attitude
  • Mentoring
  • Customer Service
  • High Performance Teams